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Pledge to help vulnerable Victorian children
Vulnerable Victorian Children need your help

Pledge your support to help protect children from neglect and violence.

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Every child has the right to grow up in a safe, caring and supportive environment.
Australia, 3090
2 years ago
because children are our future and deserve a loving secure and safe start to life to reach their potential........
Australia, 3071
2 years ago
I'm signing this because every child has a right to love and happiness. They are our future generation and it is our responsibility to make sure they grow up safely and with love.
Australia, 3028
2 years ago

Every child has a right to a childhood that is safe and happy, and yet the number of children impacted by abuse, neglect and family violence continues to increase.

The reality is, each year, across Australia, over 54,000 children experience abuse and neglect^. Behind each case is a child left reeling in pain, dealing with potentially life-long consequences of that abuse.

Childhood shapes who we become. A good childhood is the foundation for a healthy adult life and a cohesive society.
At Berry Street, we’re for childhood, and we ask you to join us in speaking out for those who can’t speak for themselves.

Please sign the pledge to help protect childhood for all children.

By pledging your support, you’re committing to help create a child-safe community and to:

Spot the signs of child abuse
Learn the signs of abuse and neglect
Report it
Get help and advice if something is wrong
Know when to step in
Help keep children safe

Berry Street pledges to keep you aware with information on the signs of abuse and neglect, knowing what to do if you suspect a child has experienced abuse and neglect how to get help if you need it, and how to keep children safe.

Berry Street is the largest independent child and family services organisation in Victoria. For 140 years we’ve been working to help all children have a good childhood, growing up feeling safe, nurtured and with hope for the future.


^Australian Institute Health and Welfare, 2017, Child Protection Australia 2016-17.